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Hintco is the implementing entity of the H2Global instrument. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the H2Global Foundation.

Hintco's core tasks are the structuring and implementation of competitive bidding processes for the purchase and sale of green hydrogen-based products, the contract management, the monitoring and reporting on the compliance with the contractual requirements and the call-up and disbursement of funds as part of the payment process. Any activities of Hintco are informed by the grant notice (“Zuwendungsbescheid”) of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), which provides the funding in the amount of EUR 900 million and specifies the eligibility requirements for its receipt.

The objective of Hintco is to contribute to the development of a liquid market for hydrogen and its derivatives, without assuming permanent functions in the market. Hintco does not and will not own and/or operate any (technical) infrastructure for the transport or storage of hydrogen or hydrogen derivatives and will not assume any operational tasks in the supply chain.

Click here for more information on the H2Global instrument.

Our areas of expertise.

Carbon-neutral industry

Architecture Design

Architecture Execution

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Architecture Design

Architecture Execution

Interior Design


Architecture Design

Architecture Execution

Interior Design


Architecture Design

Architecture Execution

Interior Design

Hintco is a subsidiary of the H2Global Foundation. Supported by international companies, the non-profit H2Global Foundation undertakes various initiatives to promote the global production and use of climate-neutral energy sources and thus contribute to environmental and climate protection.

H2Global Foundation

The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) invited to the international market consultation and presented the current status (13.07.2022) of the preparation of the first H2Global award procedure by Hintco. The contents can be found here:

Market Consultation on the 1st H2Global Tender

The first H2Global tender for the purchase of ammonia (lot 1) started on 05.12.2022. The tender procedures for methanol (lot 2) and e-SAF (lot 3) will start shortly. Click here to go to the tendering platform.

Current Tenders — exficon | tender agency desk

Meet the people

Timo Bollerhey

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Hintco

Markus Enke

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Hintco

Andrea Helf

Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Hintco

Martin Christopher Erdmann

Project Manager, Hintco

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