Draft Hydrogen Sales Agreement (HSA) Contract

Hydrogen Sales Agreements (HSA) are currently under development. Interested parties can access and view the draft HSAs via the links.


Based on Hintco’s objective to contribute to the development of a liquid market for hydrogen and its derivatives without assuming a permanent role in the market, Hintco has established a contractual framework for the sale of the products that it acquires under long term purchase agreements.

Under H2Global, Hintco is going to sell products via an electronic auction process by utilizing a web-based trading platform for hydrogen products. The platform is currently under development in close cooperation with EEX.  

A prerequisite for the participation of any interested bidder in the sales auctions will be the registration on the trading platform and the conclusion of a Hydrogen Sales Framework Agreement with Hintco. In order to sign such a framework agreement, bidders must be legally based in a member state of the European Union.

Upon conclusion of the Hydrogen Sales Framework Agreement and registration on the trading platform, bidders are eligible to participate in the H2Global sales auctions and submit bids for the conclusion of Individual Hydrogen Sales Agreements.

In this context it is important to acknowledge that while being the physical intermediary in the H2Global double auction scheme, Hintco does not and will not own and/or operate any (technical) infrastructure for the transport or storage of hydrogen or hydrogen derivatives and will not assume any operational tasks in the supply chain.

Hintco is inviting stakeholders to share their feedback on the ongoing development of the Hydrogen Sales Agreements (HSA)

Hintco has invited feedback on key features of the draft Hydrogen Sales Agreements. Interested parties, especially prospective participants in the sales auctions, were asked to provide input or feedback by participating in our HSA stakeholder survey via the link below.

The draft version of the Hydrogen Sales Framework Agreement can be accessed here.

The draft version of the Individual Hydrogen Sales Agreement can be accessed here. ➝

Both the draft Hydrogen Sales Framework Agreement as well as the draft Individual Hydrogen Sales Agreement are still under development and hence subject to change. Both will be template contracts. Once finally published, the terms and conditions of these contract templates will not be subject to individual negotiation.


Hintco is planning to start concluding Hydrogen Sales Framework Agreement in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The facilitation of sales auctions and consequently the conclusion of Individual Hydrogen Sales Agreements is subject to the availability of product delivery to Hintco, as well as the agreed schedule under the long-term Hydrogen Purchase Agreements. These purchasing agreements are currently being negotiated in the ongoing award procedure. From currents perspective, the first sales auctions and the subsequent conclusion of Individual Hydrogen Sales Agreements might take place by the end of 2024 or in the first half of 2025.

Information on the web-based trading platform and the bidding process will be shared by Hintco as soon as the final auction process and trading platform design has been determined.

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